R.W. Nicholson


In 2002, we began researching the origin and meaning of some mysterious and unidentified rock inscriptions or petroglyphs on the top of a mountain near Spuzzum, British Columbia.

For countless generations the first nations peoples have considered this to be a very powerful and sacred site.  The 'exposed' petroglyphs were first reported to government authorities by prospectors and trappers in the 1920's.

In 1940, B.C. Provincial Police Commissioner, T.W.S. Parsons visited the site and obtained the first known photographs of the petroglyphs.  Commission Parsons sent his photographs to J.H. Braunholtz, head of the department of ethnology at the British Museum and Professor R.A. Stewart, an ancient script linguist in Dublin, Ireland.  Neither Braunholtz nor Stewart were able to identify the origin or meaning of the petroglyphs.

Stein River Petroglyphs Book, Page 122

Through our ongoing research we have been able to determine that one section of the petroglyph site contains an unidentified ancient script of unknown origin and meaning.

In July 2004, Mr. George Khalaf, director of the
Center for Phoenician Studies, did identify the Phoenician letters K, M, N, and Taw as being contained within this script.  Additionally, what is commonly referred to as the Egyptian Stargate symbol, is also contained within the same script.

The late Karl Eisbrenner [2006], Joint Honours Philosophy/Theology degree at Oxford University [1980], also offered his opinion following an on-site evaluation in 2005 .

To date, our linguistic research very strongly indicates that this one section of the site is an unidentified ancient multilingual language of unknown origin and content. The easiest way to describe the text is to refer to it in a Biblical context and suggest it is similar to a Pre-Flood One Earth Language.

The Egyptian Stargate Symbol is in the center of the top row.

A Canadian Toonie is used to show size comparison in this photo of the ancient script

The petroglyph below was uncovered by R.W. [Rob] Nicholson in 2002.  While marking coordinates at the site Rob received an intense electrical impulse through the bottom of his feet.  The electrical impulse was so severe that it nearly rendered him unconscious.  After regaining his composure Rob began excavating where he had been standing.  Under approximately 14 inches of earth he discovered a very small, extremely detailed and very significant petroglyph.  The very detailed petroglyph measures only 6 and 1/2 centimeters at its base, which is the verticle line in the center of the photos below.  This petroglyph has since been tentatively identified by several Archaeoastronomists as an Ancient Constellation Map.  Rob named his discovery 'Eisbrenners Key'.

Photo of the Constellation Map

Color Insertion - Computer generated enhancement of the Constellation Map photo

The fact that the first nations people have always considered this to be a very powerful and sacred site combined with current information suggests that this site may also be connected to a lesser known native legend describing what we can only term as a Stargate.

In the context of this Stargate Legend itself it is important to note that the native peoples did not have any form of 'script' writing prior to European influence.  Native history was oral.

According to this legend as depicted orally in Lytton, B.C., somewhere in the mountainous region of the Fraser Canyon, between Lytton and Hope, B.C., lays a concealed entrance to the planet of human origin.  The legend says that this is the entrance to the pathway to the planet Sirius where the Creator resides.  Legend further suggests that when this doorway is opened it emits a radiant light unlike any light ever seen on earth.

The legend also states that the person who acquires the key of knowledge required to open the door may, with a pure heart and proper intent, travel to the planet Sirius and return with the knowledge and wisdom to help his people.  This particular portion of the legend is somewhat vague however in this case it is assumed that the term 'his people' means 'human kind'.

In the context of this particular legend there are interesting similarities contained in a story as written by anthropologist Wilson Duff - The Upper Stalo Indians of The Fraser River of B.C. - Anthropology in British Columbia - Memoir No 1. - page 121.

Native oral history tells us that constellations were created in the beginning of time by Transformer Beings or Shapeshifters.  Sasquatch have long been considered Shapeshifters, Guardians of Stargates, and Inter-planetary space travelers capable of telepathic communication.

It is interesting to note that the general area surrounding this site is well known for Sasquatch sightings and related activities.

Without intentionally adding to an already unusual topic we can state that during onsite evaluations in September 2004 and again in the fall of 2005 we did encounter sounds and odors that can not be rationally and reasonably explained. 

Continuing with the trend, 2011 was again another year of 'strange' occurrences that can not be rationally and reasonably explained.  Sounds, odors and visual oddities that can not be recorded or documented to a level sufficient enough to identify factual evidence continues.

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