Spotted Lake
Mineralization and Healing

R.W. Nicholson

Spotted Lake or Kilkuk as it is known in the Syilx language of the Okanagan First Nations is located on Highway 3, nine kilometers west of Osoyoos, B.C., on what is referred to as the Richter Pass.  The pass was named after Francis Xavier Richter, who worked for the Hudson Bay

Company at Keremeos and later became a cattle rancher and orchardist in the area.  Spotted Lake is a rare natural phenomena containing the highest concentration of minerals in the world, including magnesium sulphate, calcium and sodium sulphates, titanium, magnesium, and silver.  The lake covers an area of approximately 15 hectares or 38 acres and contains 365 circles of various shapes, sizes and depths.

Kilkuk is sacred to the Okanagan First Nations.  They have recognized the healing and therapeutic qualities of this lake and have healed their wounds and ailments there for thousands of years.  They believe that each circle has its own medicine and healing power.   One of the local legends states that a truce was declared during a battle to allow both warring tribes to tend to their wounded at the lake.  Sitting Bull, the famous Sioux Chief, was also known tohave sent runners hundreds of miles to gather the mud and salts of Kilkik to heal the wounds of his people. Minerals from the lake were mined or harvested during the First World War, by Chinese laborers. The Chinese workers extracted up to a ton of salt per day off of the surface of the lake. The salt was shipped to eastern Canada and used in munitions factories. It is also rumored that several tons of mud from the lake were shipped to Europe and used to treat soldiers wounded on the Western Front.

Prior to being mined or harvested during the First World War, the lake is said to have been an artistic wonder containing every color imaginable with each circle having its own distinct and unique color.
The healing qualities of Spotted Lake are recognized to this day.  There are scores of people who swear their ailments have subsided or disappeared altogether simply by sitting in the pools.  Although there is no scientific evidence or case studies to support any theories, it is speculated that toxins are removed and trace elements are replenished and restored through absorbsion of the incredible concentration of mineralization contained in the lake.  Historical facts, traditional beliefs, combined with the modern testimony provided by reliable competent individuals is very difficult to ignore. 

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