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 Consulting  $40.00 per hour; minimum one [01] hour.  Includes Telephone and Skype calls.

 $45.00 per hour; minimum one [ 01 ] hour; non-field.  Large projects negotiable.
 $60.00 per hour per person; minimum one [ 01 ] day; on-site/field.  Large projects negotiable.

Our research focuses primarily on history, historical locations and geological settings of mineral deposits and placer locations that are of specific interest to individual prospectors and claim owners.  Knowing the history of an area, lode mine or placer stream production does help in determining a more reliable and grounded strategy for mining applications. 

 Video/Audio Recordings  To Be Determined

Expense Reimbursement Guide as per Federal  Guideline - 2014
 Vehicle Allowance Rate  $0.55 per kilometer: paved roads.
 $0.60 per kilometer: secondary unpaved/gravel roads.
 Commercial Accommodation  $130.00 per day; based on one [ 01 ] double occupancy room
 Private Accommodation [ RV Camping ]  $75.00 per person per day plus actual cost associated with camp site rental
 Meals and Incidentals  $90.00 per day per person
 Specialty Equipment [ Rentals ]  Actual rental cost plus 10% or independently provided by client
 Commercial Travel  Actual cost plus 10% or prepaid by client

For further information email:  info@bcprospectors.ca