Sasquatch Flats

R.W. Nicholson

The existence of Sasquatch is definitely an openly debatable subject.  Native history, European history, countless reported sightings and current available evidence does lead one to ponder the validity of this fabled creature.  Even former United States president, Theodore Roosevelt claimed that he saw one while hunting in Oregon.

Sasquatch sightings are not an uncommon occurrence in southwestern British Columbia and the northwestern United Stated. Native legends surrounding the Sasquatch go back centuries and there are reported sightings by Europeans that can be traced back to the earliest explorers.

Some native legends say that in the beginning times Sasquatch and humans coexisted.  As time progressed humans followed their own ego while Sasquatch remained true to the Universal Laws.  In following the Universal Laws, Sasquatch maintained special powers which we as humans no longer understand.

Sasquatch are said to be the guardians of the universal pathways to the planet of human origin.  Universal pathways are more commonly referred to as 'Stargates'.  The planet of human origin is believed to be the planet Sirius.

In addition to the belief that Sasquatch are the guardians of Stargates, they are also said to be capable of 'Interplanetary Travel', have the ability to 'Shapeshift', and communicate 'Telepathically'.   

One of our locations of interest is near Spuzzum, B.C. at an area known locally as 'Sasquatch Flats'.

'Sasquatch Flats' is not far from where, according to native legend, the huge cedar rafts on which the Sasquatch survived the 'Great Flood' came to rest.  This legend is very similar to the biblical version of Noah.

In this area several 'anomalies' have been noted since we began monitoring it in 2004.  Two of these 'anomalies' are; a) Extremely abnormal sounds that are not associated with any known species or life form and, b) Unusual odors with very strong sulphuric over tones.

Overlooking an area near Spuzzum, B.C., known locally as 'Sasquatch Flats'

In the spring of 2008, during a geological expedition in which we had to pass through 'Sasquatch Flats' we did encounter some interesting physical oddities potentially associated with the fabled Sasquatch.

Unfortunately on this particular trip we were only prepared for geological research not Sasquatch research.  Our only available equipment to document the evidence was a low quality digital camera.

Exceptionally Large Footprint Measuring 19 inches -  'Sasquatch Flats' - Spring 2008

No Logical Explanation For This Broken Tree - 'Sasquatch Flats' - 2008

No Logical Explanation For This Tree Being [Pushed] Over - 'Sasquatch Flats' - 2008

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